In 1985, the first Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) was observed. Initially, the aim of this event was to increase the early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women to have mammograms. As many women know, a mammogram is an x-ray of the breast used to detect abnormalities in breast tissue. Early detection means that cancer can be more effectively treated and prevented from spreading to other areas of the body.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Website went online in 1998, and lists the organizations which are on the board of sponsors for this event. Over the years, the focus of this event has widened. A number of organizations based in many countries now support this international health awareness event. 

Given the large number of organizations involved, and the huge sums of money raised, breast cancer awareness has grown into an industry in its own right; this campaign can almost be described as a year long event.  Today, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is as much about raising funds for breast cancer research and support, as it is about raising awareness.

The Color Pink & The Pink Ribbon With the founding of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993, the pink ribbon, which had previously been used to symbolize breast cancer, was chosen as the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

The color pink itself, at times, has been used to striking effect in raising breast cancer awareness. Many famous buildings and landmarks across the globe have been illuminated in pink light during this event; Sydney's Harbour Bridge, Japan's Tokyo Tower and Canada's Niagara Falls to name a few.

Due to the success of this awareness event, for many people, the color pink and breast cancer awareness ribbons are now associated with breast cancer awareness.

 What a great opportunity on the long weekend. I took the  kids down to Pearson International Airport to watch the Air Show planes take   off and land. The snowbirds were not schedule to go up for a couple of hours.   This does not mean they are sitting around drinking tea and enjoying our  spectacular Canadian hospitality. No, the men and women on our Snowbird team  are hard at work; ensuring the planes are mechanically in top shape, going  through their synchronized air show routine on paper and in person to ensure that the show is performed not only to everyone’s enjoyment, but to ensure  there are no accidents or incidents. These men and women are the top in their  field. They have taken time out of their very busy lives to show us their talents and abilities.

When Jonathan Delgado Levin-Turner, the ramp crew  for the snowbirds for the CNE 2013, asked me if the children and I would like to
see the planes on the ramp, I jumped at the chance. Not only did we get to see  the planes, but the crew took the time to allow the boys to be up close and  personal with the planes. They patiently answered any and all questions and even  posed for a couple of pictures.

Thank you Snowbirds! You were a highlight  in everyone’s lives. And thank you Jonathan, without you and your special love
and respect for the kids, this opportunity would not have been possible.
2013 marked the Warriors’ Day Parade 92nd year. The Warriors' Day Parade takes place in August of each year during the opening weekend of The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The longest-running, annual parade of its type, The Warriors' Day Parade is an important Canadian tradition and a very significant event for our Veterans, our brave men and women who currently serve in Canada's military, their families and the general public. 

When you think of any business success story, you think of one person.

In reality, almost every successful business owner has a team behind them. The owner gets all the credit because they pulled the team together – similar to how coaches get credit for championships.

If you want to build a business, it’ll be impossible to do by yourself.

Effectively managing your business' finances is critical to your long term success. Good budgeting and financial forecasting skills can help you control your business' financial health.

Most people quite simply adore their pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards and birds – all shapes and sizes of pets have the ability to find a place in our hearts. For many people, the connections people form with their pets, especially their cats and dogs are often the longest, strongest relationships in their lives.  They are our soul mates, our best friends, sometimes even our surrogate children.  What makes these creatures such key members of our families?
Perhaps it’s because our furry (and not so furry) friends have long provided us with comfort, fun, and unconditional love. 

10 Reasons Why I LOVE Canada

I love Canada. From the brightly painted houses on the coast of Newfoundland to the endless skyline of the prairies, I love it all. I love that we don’t wear shoes in the house (I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people do this). In case you didn’t catch on, I’m Canadian. Putting all of the political reasons aside there are so many reasons I love my country. Here are 10 reasons why I LOVE Canada.

10. Tim Horton’s

The most beautiful heavenly thing you might ever consume.


9.  Canadian Beer

Canadians don’t really need an excuse to drink beer, of course. It’s part of our DNA. We are a nation of hops-and-barley lovers.

8. Our Money

In Canada, there’s never confusion after a quick glance over which bill is which. Plus, colourful money is much more exciting (even some of our quarters have colour on them).


7. Hockey

Need I say more? (I’d rather not talk about the performance of Canadian teams in the NHL, but rather focus on the amount of Canadians that are on the winning teams.)


6. Corner Gas

One of the funniest TV shows. 100% Canadian. Watch it… now! Sorry.


5. Cheezies

These delicious snacks beat out Cheetos any day of the week.


4. Lululemon

Comfiest clothing ever. Period.


3. Poutine

It might be a heart attack on a plate, but it’s totally worth it. If you’ve never had one, go get one ASAP (note: must have cheese curds and dark gravy).


2. Toques

The term ‘winter hat’ just doesn’t cut it when you have to wear one every season.

1. The People

We are a wild and wonderful bunch, (not to be confused with the wildlife, which is also wild and wonderful).  Canadian’s would give the shirt off their back for their neighbours.   We are loyal, fun, good natured, and dependable; however there are some undeniable cons of being Canadian…

  • The Canadian flag is so hard to draw; a maple leaf is not something a grade one student can easily master. Why can’t I be from Japan?
  • Colouring a map of Canada in grade 3 is probably the most tedious task.
  • Spell-check doesn’t recognize favourite, honour, tonne, colour or neighbour as being real words…

Thank-you Mr. Konn

It was both a privilege and an honor to be present at the Commemoration of, “Operation Barbarossa” June 22nd, 1941. 

I met many amazing men and women who fought so gallantly against fascism during World War II.  One man in particular was Mr. Armand Konn.  Mr. Konn is 88 years young, and was an ace pilot for the Ukraine (USSR).  As he spoke of the many atrocities he witnessed, I was brought to tears with over whelming gratitude.  These men and women, along with so many others around the globe, gave up everything; some paying the ultimate price, so I and my children may never live in fear as they did.

During our conversation Mr. Konn express his deep hurt; feeling forgotten.  He felt as though his great sacrifice and those of others were not appreciated any longer.

Have we lived in peace and complacency so long that we have forgotten the horrors that came before us?

Everyday battles are fought in lands far away by young men and women willing to sacrifice everything so that we may remain here, living in freedom.  The jobs, homes, education and religions we all enjoy today are thanks to them.

Fascism, Extremism, and other conflicts and ideologies threaten our way of life every day.  We cannot now, nor can we ever forget our veterans.  They are all-giving, and strong.  Their integrity and honor humbles me.

Standing in the rain I watched these WWII veterans stand at attention for the anthem, and then solemnly lay down their flowers for their fallen comrades.  I was struck by the notion, that even with their failing eyes, deafened ears, and lame legs; should the need to take up arms in the protection of freedom arise, these men and women would be the first to the front lines.

And so, to Mr. Konn, and all the others that came before and after; Thank you.  Thank you for creating a world I can raise my son’s without fear.  I will never forget all you have done and gave up for me.  I can only stand in the shadow of such greatness; and pray that should the need ever arise; I will have the strength and integrity to give future generations the same freedom you gave to me.

It was both an honor and a privilege to be at Fort York Armories; to witness 337 RC (Army) CC Queen’s York Rangers Centennial Annual Inspection on Saturday June 8th, 2013.

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets is an organization for youth which provide training for the purpose of encouraging and promoting good citizenship, leadership, and physical fitness and to stimulate an interest in the Canadian Armed Forces as well as developing skills to be successful in society and the work force.

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets are supported by the Army Cadet League of Canada, which was formed in order to promote and expand the Army Cadet Movement, in Co-operation with the Department of National Defense.

This year’s reviewing office was The Honorable David C. Onley, OOnt.  It was a special pleasure of mine to have to opportunity to meet and speak with The Honorable David C. Onley. 

The Honorable David C. Onley took office on September 5, 2007; Ontario’s 28th Lieutenant Governor became the nation’s most highly place advocate for accessibility.

In his 22-year career with Citytv, he was Canada’s first senior newscaster with a visible disability.  A popular new anchor, hot/producer, science and technology specialist, and weatherman, he showed that ability outshines disability.

For his public service, Hs Honor has been awarded the King Clancy Award for Disable person, the Courage to Come Back Award, and the Positive Impact Award.  He was inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame and the Scarborough Walk of Fame, and has received nine honorary degrees. 

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