There is a large discrepancy in the salaries in Canada.  How much would you pay for the safety and security of loved ones?  What do you think is a fair price for the health and wellbeing of your friends and family?  Is there a price tag you would put on the security and development of your children.  Well Canada standards have put a price on all of the above.  The results might shock you:

Average Starting Ranges in Canada posted on

Family Physician                                 58,000 – 102,000

Canadian Air Force Pilot                    52,500 – 75,000

Human Resource Manager               50,000 – 67,000

Registered Nurse                                46,000 – 62,000

Software Developer                            45,000 – 60,000

Paramedic                                            43,000 – 57,000

Yoga Instructor                                    40,000 – 54,000

Elementary Teacher                           39,000 – 49,000

Police Officer                                       35,000 – 50,000

Administrative Assistant                    35,000 – 37,000

Enlisted Canadian Armed Forces   2601/month (31,212 annually) which for those who don’t like math 15.00/hr.

Warehouse or assembly worker      25,000 – 29,000

Grocery Clerk                                       21,500 – 25,000

Army Cadet                                          17,300 (8.32/hr.) that is 1.93/hr. less than minimum wage.
Am I the only one who thinks it is funny that we will pay more for our Yoga instruction than we will for our country’s safety and the development and wellness of our children?

Canadian spending on entertainment surges to $22.8 billion a year. This is more than Canadians spend on RRSP contributions ($16.3 billion).  More than half of that $22.8 billion is spent on a category described as "home entertainment equipment and services," including cable and satellite TV subscriptions, music, stereo systems, video rental, and DVD and VHS players. Canadians spent $11.8 billion, or 52 per cent of the total, in this category. The next largest was reading material — books, magazines and newspapers — at $4.6 billion, or 20 per cent. Nine per cent, or 2.1 billion, went to photography. Surprisingly, perhaps, movie ticket sales, at $1.3 billion, was significantly less than the amount spent on art works and events, equal to photography at $2.1 billion. Canadians also spent $980 million on live performance events, compared with $530 million on live sporting events.

Maybe it is time to start looking at what we truly value and pay accordingly.  While I enjoy a good concert, movie, and sporting event as much as the next guy, I don’t think the price tag on it should be higher than what we pay our young men and women to risk their lives overseas.  

Next time you get annoyed with the nurse who is doing her upmost to keep you comfortable and ease you back to health, think, she/he is most likely paid less than you.  The police officer who will put themself in front of a bullet to save your life will make less than the person who deals with your vacation pay.  The extremely tolerate men and women, who educate, and nurture our children (creating our country’s future) will make less than the person who designed your favourite video game.

What is your life worth?


01/08/2016 1:58am

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11/17/2016 3:10am

Why you are so shocked about it? Looks like everything is fine in Canada.

04/10/2017 1:57am

A lot of money on entertainment! That's really schocked me!


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