In 1985, the first Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) was observed. Initially, the aim of this event was to increase the early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women to have mammograms. As many women know, a mammogram is an x-ray of the breast used to detect abnormalities in breast tissue. Early detection means that cancer can be more effectively treated and prevented from spreading to other areas of the body.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Website went online in 1998, and lists the organizations which are on the board of sponsors for this event. Over the years, the focus of this event has widened. A number of organizations based in many countries now support this international health awareness event. 

Given the large number of organizations involved, and the huge sums of money raised, breast cancer awareness has grown into an industry in its own right; this campaign can almost be described as a year long event.  Today, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is as much about raising funds for breast cancer research and support, as it is about raising awareness.

The Color Pink & The Pink Ribbon With the founding of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993, the pink ribbon, which had previously been used to symbolize breast cancer, was chosen as the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

The color pink itself, at times, has been used to striking effect in raising breast cancer awareness. Many famous buildings and landmarks across the globe have been illuminated in pink light during this event; Sydney's Harbour Bridge, Japan's Tokyo Tower and Canada's Niagara Falls to name a few.

Due to the success of this awareness event, for many people, the color pink and breast cancer awareness ribbons are now associated with breast cancer awareness.



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