When you think of any business success story, you think of one person.

In reality, almost every successful business owner has a team behind them. The owner gets all the credit because they pulled the team together – similar to how coaches get credit for championships.

If you want to build a business, it’ll be impossible to do by yourself.

Get to Know Yourself

In order to create a winning team you must have a clear understanding of your skills. You must have a good knowledge of what you lack and therefore need. Your business team should not be made of people who think exactly the same way as you do. You reap the rewards of differing opinions when you draw together a strong and effective team.

Build a Core Team

You also have to understand that you can’t do it all by yourself. Business is a team project.

A team provides a pool of diverse talents that’s essential to the development of your business. Ideally, your first team should include experts in business management, finance, marketing, law and sales.

Create your wish list of what you want your team to consist of.  Decide the qualifications and skills most important to those roles and to the team you wish to create.  Look at your financial budget and set the amount you are able to spend on your team.  Be prepared, unlike a lot of things in life, this is one department where you get what you pay for.  Don’t over pay your team, however, if you hire an accountant that is willing to work for less than the average going rate for your district, most likely they are under qualified for the job.

Establish Your Team Early

No matter what type of business you have, you’ll want to establish your team well in advance of your first deal, sale or agreement with a client. Trying to gather a team in the midst of a deal will lead to choosing poor team members. You may choose an expert who is too expensive, or choose an individual whose personality does not “mesh” with the spirit of your company.

Your business team is there to help you grow and succeed in business. Trying to go it alone is prideful and that leads to failure. Your team is your business, build it wisely.

Re Evaluating Your Current Team

You’ve been in business for a while now; however your team is not helping you get to the next level.  This could mean it is time to re-evaluate your team.  Again start with the wish list of team players.  Write out the wish list of responsibilities, qualifications, and future goals of each position. 

Are the correct players in the write positions?  Possibly your Office Manager would be better suited for Sales.  If your employees are not in a role they enjoy or feel challenged with, they will become bored and not work to their full potential, creating a stagnate plateau in your business growth. 

Are the players qualified for the responsibilities given to them?  When an employee is under qualified, not you as a business suffer, they suffer as well.  It is very stressful to be in a position where you are unsure of what you are completing.

Educate Your Team

Over time rules change.  New accounting laws are created all the time.  The fast paced world of Web-Marketing is constantly changing.  Send your team members for additional training whenever the need arises.  Your business will flourish and stay on the cutting edge of the market.

Above all, remember that a happy employee will give you 110% of their efforts.  Allow them to grow and shine in their respective roles and they will take you to new heights.



01/13/2016 2:59am

Building a small business team is never as easy as it sounds. When you first got started, you probably thought a lot about your customers and their needs .

09/29/2016 1:43am

A business team is having the lots of values for their business and for their holder. If someone is having a good team of business then he is very lucky in the luck of business. Thanks buddy that you give us these tips.

10/13/2016 2:22am

Your advices would definitely help me to build my business team. I appreciate them.


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