Thank-you Mr. Konn

It was both a privilege and an honor to be present at the Commemoration of, “Operation Barbarossa” June 22nd, 1941. 

I met many amazing men and women who fought so gallantly against fascism during World War II.  One man in particular was Mr. Armand Konn.  Mr. Konn is 88 years young, and was an ace pilot for the Ukraine (USSR).  As he spoke of the many atrocities he witnessed, I was brought to tears with over whelming gratitude.  These men and women, along with so many others around the globe, gave up everything; some paying the ultimate price, so I and my children may never live in fear as they did.

During our conversation Mr. Konn express his deep hurt; feeling forgotten.  He felt as though his great sacrifice and those of others were not appreciated any longer.

Have we lived in peace and complacency so long that we have forgotten the horrors that came before us?

Everyday battles are fought in lands far away by young men and women willing to sacrifice everything so that we may remain here, living in freedom.  The jobs, homes, education and religions we all enjoy today are thanks to them.

Fascism, Extremism, and other conflicts and ideologies threaten our way of life every day.  We cannot now, nor can we ever forget our veterans.  They are all-giving, and strong.  Their integrity and honor humbles me.

Standing in the rain I watched these WWII veterans stand at attention for the anthem, and then solemnly lay down their flowers for their fallen comrades.  I was struck by the notion, that even with their failing eyes, deafened ears, and lame legs; should the need to take up arms in the protection of freedom arise, these men and women would be the first to the front lines.

And so, to Mr. Konn, and all the others that came before and after; Thank you.  Thank you for creating a world I can raise my son’s without fear.  I will never forget all you have done and gave up for me.  I can only stand in the shadow of such greatness; and pray that should the need ever arise; I will have the strength and integrity to give future generations the same freedom you gave to me.



I agree we must not forget the efforts placed by all our ancestors and due to which we are living a better and safe life these days. we must teach our kids to respect admire and remember them always..


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