It was both an honor and a privilege to be at Fort York Armories; to witness 337 RC (Army) CC Queen’s York Rangers Centennial Annual Inspection on Saturday June 8th, 2013.

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets is an organization for youth which provide training for the purpose of encouraging and promoting good citizenship, leadership, and physical fitness and to stimulate an interest in the Canadian Armed Forces as well as developing skills to be successful in society and the work force.

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets are supported by the Army Cadet League of Canada, which was formed in order to promote and expand the Army Cadet Movement, in Co-operation with the Department of National Defense.

This year’s reviewing office was The Honorable David C. Onley, OOnt.  It was a special pleasure of mine to have to opportunity to meet and speak with The Honorable David C. Onley. 

The Honorable David C. Onley took office on September 5, 2007; Ontario’s 28th Lieutenant Governor became the nation’s most highly place advocate for accessibility.

In his 22-year career with Citytv, he was Canada’s first senior newscaster with a visible disability.  A popular new anchor, hot/producer, science and technology specialist, and weatherman, he showed that ability outshines disability.

For his public service, Hs Honor has been awarded the King Clancy Award for Disable person, the Courage to Come Back Award, and the Positive Impact Award.  He was inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame and the Scarborough Walk of Fame, and has received nine honorary degrees. 



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10/06/2016 1:05am

Soldiers are those who lay down their lives for the nation and country actually they are the real patriots. I salute all the army officers who are so courageous and amazing that survive their lives just for the peace.

11/02/2016 2:25am

I wish I could be there. Seems like it was an amazing day. It's a good photo.

03/21/2017 8:24am

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I hope I will be able to join you next time. It will be a pure pleasure for me.


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