What a great opportunity on the long weekend. I took the  kids down to Pearson International Airport to watch the Air Show planes take   off and land. The snowbirds were not schedule to go up for a couple of hours.   This does not mean they are sitting around drinking tea and enjoying our  spectacular Canadian hospitality. No, the men and women on our Snowbird team  are hard at work; ensuring the planes are mechanically in top shape, going  through their synchronized air show routine on paper and in person to ensure that the show is performed not only to everyone’s enjoyment, but to ensure  there are no accidents or incidents. These men and women are the top in their  field. They have taken time out of their very busy lives to show us their talents and abilities.

When Jonathan Delgado Levin-Turner, the ramp crew  for the snowbirds for the CNE 2013, asked me if the children and I would like to
see the planes on the ramp, I jumped at the chance. Not only did we get to see  the planes, but the crew took the time to allow the boys to be up close and  personal with the planes. They patiently answered any and all questions and even  posed for a couple of pictures.

Thank you Snowbirds! You were a highlight  in everyone’s lives. And thank you Jonathan, without you and your special love
and respect for the kids, this opportunity would not have been possible.