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Most people quite simply adore their pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards and birds – all shapes and sizes of pets have the ability to find a place in our hearts. For many people, the connections people form with their pets, especially their cats and dogs are often the longest, strongest relationships in their lives.  They are our soul mates, our best friends, sometimes even our surrogate children.  What makes these creatures such key members of our families?
Perhaps it’s because our furry (and not so furry) friends have long provided us with comfort, fun, and unconditional love. 

10 Reasons Why I LOVE Canada

I love Canada. From the brightly painted houses on the coast of Newfoundland to the endless skyline of the prairies, I love it all. I love that we don’t wear shoes in the house (I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people do this). In case you didn’t catch on, I’m Canadian. Putting all of the political reasons aside there are so many reasons I love my country. Here are 10 reasons why I LOVE Canada.

10. Tim Horton’s

The most beautiful heavenly thing you might ever consume.


9.  Canadian Beer

Canadians don’t really need an excuse to drink beer, of course. It’s part of our DNA. We are a nation of hops-and-barley lovers.

8. Our Money

In Canada, there’s never confusion after a quick glance over which bill is which. Plus, colourful money is much more exciting (even some of our quarters have colour on them).


7. Hockey

Need I say more? (I’d rather not talk about the performance of Canadian teams in the NHL, but rather focus on the amount of Canadians that are on the winning teams.)


6. Corner Gas

One of the funniest TV shows. 100% Canadian. Watch it… now! Sorry.


5. Cheezies

These delicious snacks beat out Cheetos any day of the week.


4. Lululemon

Comfiest clothing ever. Period.


3. Poutine

It might be a heart attack on a plate, but it’s totally worth it. If you’ve never had one, go get one ASAP (note: must have cheese curds and dark gravy).


2. Toques

The term ‘winter hat’ just doesn’t cut it when you have to wear one every season.

1. The People

We are a wild and wonderful bunch, (not to be confused with the wildlife, which is also wild and wonderful).  Canadian’s would give the shirt off their back for their neighbours.   We are loyal, fun, good natured, and dependable; however there are some undeniable cons of being Canadian…

  • The Canadian flag is so hard to draw; a maple leaf is not something a grade one student can easily master. Why can’t I be from Japan?
  • Colouring a map of Canada in grade 3 is probably the most tedious task.
  • Spell-check doesn’t recognize favourite, honour, tonne, colour or neighbour as being real words…